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Do you need a prenuptial agreement?

It is a common misconception that prenuptial agreements are only beneficial for the rich and famous. Eagan residents may often hear about prenuptial agreements when their favorite celebrities go through divorces, but in reality many everyday people can benefit from having prenuptial agreements executed before they marry. The law firm of Sheridan & Dulas helps people learn about the benefits of prenuptial agreements and can guide them through the process of setting up such agreements to protect their personal wealth and assets.

For example, a prenuptial agreement can be an incredibly useful tool for a person who has amassed a large amount of wealth prior to her marriage. Though property laws can potentially help such an individual retain premarital assets should the union end in divorce, a prenuptial agreement can explicitly state that the partners to a marriage will leave their relationship with the wealth and assets that they brought into it.

A prenuptial agreement can also be important for individuals who enter into second marriages and who have children from their prior unions. Often spouses are the default recipients of wealth and assets when marriages end through divorce; a prenuptial agreement may be used to protect certain pieces of property or wealth for the benefit of children who are not of the divorcing union.

There are many more scenarios that may be benefited from the execution of prenuptial agreements. Family law attorneys like those of Sheridan & Dulas are well suited to assist individuals who not only wish to create prenuptial agreements but also those who simply want to understand their rights when they choose to begin or end marriages. Legally binding oneself to another person through marriage or terminating that union through divorce changes a person's legal marital status and his potential rights. To learn more about prenuptial agreements, divorce and other family law topics, please visit Sheridan & Dulas' website on prenuptial agreements.

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