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August 2016 Archives

For Business Owners Going Through Divorce, Avoiding a Double Dip Is Essential

Going through a divorce involves many legal aspects. One major issue that comes into play involves the employment and assets of the two people who are getting divorced. In many situations, a person who is divorcing owns a private business, and when that is the case, it is imperative that something called a "double dip" be avoided.

Study: Divorces spike in August

A study released this month by the American Sociological Association has found a surprising trend in the timing of divorce filings. According to an article published by, researchers from the University of Washington have uncovered what they believe to be the first actual quantitative proof that divorce filings increase both seasonally and bi-annually, peaking consistently in the months of March and August.

Will I have to go to trial in my divorce case?

Very few people in Minnesota relish the idea of going to trial, especially in their divorce case. Trials are stressful, complex and expensive. Fortunately, most divorces never go to trial. Instead, they are resolved by settlement - through alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation, or through negotiations between the parties' lawyers.

Making co-parenting work after divorce by putting kids first

For parents in Minnesota and elsewhere, it is often the case that the parents know what is best for their children. However, when major life events occur, this could be difficult to discern. When parents decide to get a divorce, it is likely that everything that they once knew is suddenly drastically changing. While it can be difficult for a spouse to acclimate to a single life after being married for so many years, a child has likely only known one life -- one with both parents in a single household. Therefore, it is likely that the children of a divorce are going through a significant amount of emotional and mental anguish. This makes is especially important that divorcing and divorced parents put their children first.

Study shows husband's employment is best predictor of divorce

There are many reasons some marriages in Minnesota end in divorce. But, some trends and patterns exist. A recent study sheds some light on the factors in a marriage that can predict the likelihood of divorce and it contains some surprising findings.

Children suffer when child support is unpaid

In Minnesota, when a divorcing couple has minor children the court will enter a child support order as part of the divorce decree. Child support can also be ordered when unmarried parents split up. Unfortunately, for many parents who depend on receiving regular child support payments, getting the initial child support order is only the beginning of an ongoing struggle to get the other parent to fulfill their obligations.

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