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Children suffer when child support is unpaid

In Minnesota, when a divorcing couple has minor children the court will enter a child support order as part of the divorce decree. Child support can also be ordered when unmarried parents split up. Unfortunately, for many parents who depend on receiving regular child support payments, getting the initial child support order is only the beginning of an ongoing struggle to get the other parent to fulfill their obligations.

Raising children is expensive in this day and age. For a single parent, the cost can be prohibitive. Minnesota law recognizes this and makes both parents responsible for the financial support of minor children. Minnesota courts calculate child support obligations according to presumptive guidelines that factor into consideration both parents' income. The court can depart from these guidelines and order more or less child support under certain circumstances.

When one parent fails to meet their child support obligation, the other parent can be placed in a position of real hardship. The children also suffer, of course. A parent who refuses to pay court-ordered child support out of spite against their ex-spouse or ex-partner hurts not only that person, but the person's own children as well.

County and state authorities can help a parent recover unpaid child support. Their resources are limited, however. In some cases a parent's best alternative is to consult an experienced Minnesota family law attorney.

At the law firm of Sheridan & Dulas, P.A. we have years of experience helping Minnesota parents with child support enforcement issues. We understand that for the custodial parent child support payments are not a luxury but a basic necessity. We are fight aggressively to make sure our clients are able to collect the child support their children are owed.

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