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September 2016 Archives

Understanding the child support process in Minnesota

Child support is an important issue for many divorcing families. To understand child support, and how it is determined, it is important to understand that child support is court-ordered financial support for a child and in Minnesota a child has the right to be supported by both parents. There are different circumstances that may lead to a request for a determination of child support and the establishment of a child support order.

Guiding Minnesota clients through the divorce process

There is no getting around the fact that for most people in Minnesota, divorce is an emotionally difficult process. Whether the decision to divorce is made by mutual agreement or by one spouse, it initiates a painful process of untangling bonds that may have taken years to develop.

You no longer have to wait to get married in Minnesota - but maybe you still should

As of August 1, Minnesota couples no longer have to wait to get a marriage license, thanks to a new state law passed earlier this year. Under old law, marrying couples had to wait five days after applying to receive their license.

Minnesota does not recognize common-law marriage

Marriage is about a lot more than falling in love. Marriage is also a legal and economic relationship which, among other things, provides spouses with important property rights when they divorce. In Minnesota, a divorcing spouse has the right to an equitable share of the couple's marital property. An unmarried person living with his or her significant other generally has no similar right to property division when the couple breaks up.

Child custody can be the most wrenching issue in divorce

Divorce is an emotionally difficult time for anyone. But for parents, especially parents of young children, it can be particularly hard. When minor children are involved, the court must decide the issue of child custody. For most parents, knowing they may be separated from their children, even if the separation is only for limited periods of time, can be profoundly upsetting.

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