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Guiding Minnesota clients through the divorce process

There is no getting around the fact that for most people in Minnesota, divorce is an emotionally difficult process. Whether the decision to divorce is made by mutual agreement or by one spouse, it initiates a painful process of untangling bonds that may have taken years to develop.

Throughout the divorce process a spouse typically has a lot of questions. These include what to do with the house, who will get custody of the children and whether one spouse will be obligated to pay alimony to the other.

The questions a spouse has will depend on the unique circumstances of each couple. A couple in which both partners have well-paying careers may be more concerned about property division. Parents of young children will understandably be most concerned about child custody and visitation issues. If one spouse stayed at home to care for the children, he or she may be most concerned about getting spousal support while easing back into the work force.

At our Eagan law firm, we have been helping clients through these challenging times for two decades. We understand the fear and confusion many people feel when they are faced with the reality of the end of a marriage. We are committed to listening to our clients with compassion and reassurance, and providing answers based on our years of experience in this field. Outside the courtroom we negotiate tirelessly; inside the courtroom we advocate aggressively for our clients' rights. Throughout the process we put the needs of our clients first. You can learn more about our law firm and our family law practice at our web page.

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