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November 2016 Archives

How does the discovery process work in a Minnesota divorce?

Pre-trial discovery is a set of procedures for the exchange of information between the parties to a civil case, including a divorce case. In Minnesota, several methods of discovery are used in divorce proceedings. One of the most common is "interrogatories." These are written questions which must be answered by the other party, in writing and under oath. Responses must be served within 30 days, although it is very common for the parties to agree to reasonable extensions.

Minnesota parents have important rights in child custody matters

In Minnesota, the guiding principle in child custody matters is always the best interests of the child. The reasons for this are fairly obvious. Children must be cared for, they are more vulnerable than adults in the divorce process, and they are not the ones who chose to end the marriage.

Understanding Challenges When Divorcing a Business Partner

Going through a divorce is usually difficult. Going through a divorce when your spouse is also your business partner is usually even more difficult. Any time assets are shared by a couple, they will have to be considered and probably divided if the couple decides to dissolve their marriage. This complicates the process and it particularly complicates it when those assets constitute their livelihoods. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take that may prevent a divorce from permanently damaging your business.

Incarcerated woman ordered to pay child support

Minnesota child support cases can be contentious and difficult. In some instances, there are unusual circumstances surrounding them. In others, they will be high-profile and the participants will not only have to deal with the details of the support agreement and monthly payments, but also the pressure that comes with public knowledge of the ongoing proceedings. Regardless of the situation surrounding the child support, those who are in the midst of a dispute must make certain that they are protected under the law.

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