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How a prenuptial agreement can help couples in Minnesota

For couples on the verge of marriage, it may seem like a very uncomfortable discussion to talk about a prenuptial agreement, or "prenup," before the wedding occurs. However, some statistics show that in the United States approximately half of marriages ultimately end in divorce.

During the divorce process, it is not uncommon for each spouse to get caught up in the emotions of the situation and to not think clearly or to act vindictively against the other spouse. It seldom is a completely smooth transition. A prenuptial agreement, however, can be especially helpful, as many of the decisions that need to be made may already be outlined, and were made during better times when both parties were in agreement over the decisions. It is still vitally important, however, to have the right guidance in forming the agreement to assure that your wishes are properly outlined, and that the agreement does not contain anything that could potentially void the document.

At our law firm, we proudly serve the entire Twin Cities metropolitan area, Dakota County and the state of Minnesota. We do our best to help our clients address their family law needs.

Whether you need assistance with property division, child support, child custody or handling or drafting a prenuptial agreement, our team is here to help. At our law firm, we know how important these decisions are for our clients, and we strive to work as hard as possible to assure that our clients' needs and wishes are met and that the outcome is as favorable as possible.

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