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January 2017 Archives

Overview of Minnesota prenuptial agreements

A recent post on this blog the benefits prenuptial agreements can offer Dakota County couples and others living in the area of the Twin Cities. However, a discussion of the benefits of these types of agreements also affords a good opportunity to go over exactly how these agreements work.

When can a Minnesota court apportion non-marital property?

A previous post discussed how Minnesota courts divide marital property when a couple goes through a divorce. In general, marital property is any property obtained during the marriage by either spouse or both spouses. Minnesota courts divide this property on an equitable basis, and the previous post looked at the factors courts consider when doing so.

How are child support payments made in Minnesota?

Minnesota courts can order a non-custodial parent to pay child support in a divorce action, a paternity action, a separate action for child support or in other situations where a parent is absent from the child's home. But, how are child support payments typically made? The answer will depend in part on whether the public child support authority is involved.

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