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DWI arrests of women drivers are on the upswing

Government statistics show that men are arrested for driving while impaired far more often than women. However, recent statistics show that women are closing the gap on DWI arrests. Between 1998 and 2007, the Traffic Resource Center for Judges says that DWI arrests of female drivers rose nearly 29 percent. During the same time frame DWI arrests of male drivers decreased by 7.5 percent. Research also indicates that women are drinking more today than a generation ago.

A person can be charged with impaired driving in Minnesota based upon evidence that the individual was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The state often relies on Breathalyzer tests, or blood or urine samples, to show an alcohol concentration of .08 percent or more BAC within two hours of operating a vehicle to prove impairment. While the amount of alcohol a person consumes is a large factor in blood alcohol levels, women need to know that gender also plays a role.

What Women Need To Know About Alcohol And DWI

After a couple of drinks after work or on the weekend, it is often difficult for anyone to recognize how impaired they may actually be. The legal limit of .08 percent may impact one person more than the next. Moreover, biologically, the female body absorbs alcohol more quickly than the male body. Drinking with friends, and keeping pace, may affect different people at different rates - even when individuals are similar in size.

Women generally have a lower percentage of water in their bodies. Because men generally have more water in their system, the water tends to dilute alcohol entering the bloodstream. At the same time, the male metabolism tends to process alcohol differently than the female metabolism. Experts suggest that women are impacted faster when consuming alcohol and for a longer period of time after drinking.

Then there is the other side. In the real world, breath testing machines are not infallible. Just because a machine produces a result is no reason to believe in its accuracy. An experienced DWI defense lawyer knows how to analyze all of the police procedures used - beginning with the traffic stop and continuing all the way through the implied consent testing procedures and beyond to fins flaws in the government's evidence. Missteps that violate a person's rights and problems in the maintenance and use of chemical testing procedures can create unreliable results that should be properly reviewed for a challenge in court.

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