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The reason why Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck filed for divorce

The decision to end a marriage isn't always an easy one. For many Minnesota couples, the process starts with separation. Maybe there is a chance that the couple will reconcile. However, if it is deemed appropriate to make this separation final, the couple can then move forward with the divorce process. Whether the decision to divorce occurred over several years or weeks, it is a major life event that is not simple to make or go through.

After hearing the news of actress Jennifer Garner and actor Ben Affleck separating in June of 2015, many questioned what sparked this split now that the two have moved forward with dissolution proceedings. According to reports, the couple claims that the plan and decision to file for divorce was mutual. A source states that there was no catalyst, but rather it was just time.

However, sources say that the strain of Affleck's alcohol problems lost any hope of reconciliation. Nonetheless, Affleck reportedly made an attempt to save the relationship by going to rehab. However, Garner found this attempt to be just too little, too late, causing her to finally be ready to move on. While she is proud of him for getting help, it was just the right time to move forward with divorce. She filed one month after he completed treatment.

Since separating, the couple has been able to amicably co-parent. Affleck has been living in the guesthouse of the couple's L.A. property. This has helped them make this next phase for their three children work. While this is not a permanent living arrangement, this will continue until Affleck finds a suitable place for their situation and children. Meanwhile, the couple is working on dividing assets, and they are currently having no disputes or issues with this area of the divorce process.

Celebrity or not, divorce can be a complex matter. There are many working parts, and when children are involved, divorcing couples seek to make the best decisions for everyone involved.

Source:, "What finally drove Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck to divorce," April 20, 2017

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