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Helping you strategize through the child custody process

Parents in Minnesota and elsewhere tend to focus on the needs of their children over their own needs. While this is typical no matter the age of the child, this could prove to be difficult when parents divorce. Although the focus still remains on the child or children, the transition from a one-house family to a two-house family can be very challenging and emotional on everyone involved. Additionally, this process requires parents to agree on a fair and effective custody arrangement.

Parenting time is often the most important factor to consider when discussing child custody. It is hard to go from seeing a child all the time to half the time or less. Thus, disputes often arise when parents seek to protect their needs and the child's best interests. At our law firm, we understand the dynamics and complexities of the custody process. We are dedicated to helping residents in the Eagan area successfully navigate these matters.

While some divorcing parents will agree to joint custody or a co-parenting relationship right away, other parents have to face a long and difficult custody battle in order to achieve their custody goals. Custody litigation might be the last thing on your mind, but our law firm has the resources to guide parents through the process, helping them better understand their rights.

There are a lot of details to iron out when devising a parenting plan that meets the needs and interests of the children involved. Parents may not fully agree on terms such as legal or physical custody. However, the court could determine the appropriate custody order, basing it on various factors and the best interests of the children.

To learn more, please visit our law firm's child custody website. Whether it is through collaboration, negotiation or litigation, it is essential to develop a fair and workable custody arrangement during the divorce process.

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