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What makes the divorce process so difficult?

The decision to end a marriage can be difficult for couples in Minnesota. However, taking such a major step is often necessary for relationships that no longer work and cannot be salvaged. Although it might be difficult to see the positivity that could be gained through the process, the end result of dissolution could be beneficial for both spouses. Despite that, getting through the process can be very challenging.

What makes the divorce process so difficult? One of the most challenging things for divorcing couples to do is to separate their emotions from their marriage from the business of getting divorced. Many do not view the divorce process as what it is, and that is a business transaction. However, because the initiation and progress of dissolution invokes many emotions, it is hard to view divorce for what it is.

Another issue that makes the process difficult is that divorces can be emotional, life-changing and filled with disputes. However, if a spouse is trying to get out of a toxic marriage and initiated the divorce process because they were sad and depressed, a spouse should look at the finalization of a divorce as a positive thing.

The divorce process can be lengthy, but spouses often have a role in the length of time the process takes. Some spouses like to rehash things during dissolution, often questioning what went wrong in the marriage. This is something that is meant for therapy and not during the divorce process. And, because some spouses cannot separate the two, this often causes the process to take much longer.

No matter what problems you encounter during divorce, it is important to understand that there are ways to successfully navigate the process. Whether you are fighting over assets, children or financial support, getting the right information could help you hash out these issues, helping you reach a favorable resolution.

Source: Huffington Post, "The Top Five Reasons Why Divorce Is So Hard - Even If You Have An Attorney," Jason Levoy, July 18, 2016

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