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Actress taking steps to enforce child support payments

Going through a divorce with children is a difficult process. While parents have needs and divorce issues to tend to, decisions made during dissolution have the tendency to impact the child or children even if it does not directly involve them. Where they live, custody decisions and the financial needs of the child needs to be addressed, and if a parent fails to uphold obligations, this could negatively impact the child.

A child support award has the purpose of providing and meeting the needs of the child. As a child ages, the needs alter, which requires future modifications of a child support agreement. When divorcing parents finalize a child support agreement, it is important that the paying parent continually meets this obligation.

According to recent reports, missed payments of child support is the current issue faced by the former star of The Cosby Show, Keshia Knight Pulliam. The 38-Year-old actress filed papers seeking support payments from her estranged husband, former NFL player Ed Hartwell. She claims that the 39-year-old Hartwell has been late with child support payments for their 5-month-old daughter.

These recently filed papers are related to their pending divorce, specifically asking that future child support payments be garnished from either Hartwell's NFL retirement pension or his disability payments. Since separating, Hartwell has been late with child support payments. The steps taken by Pulliam could help with the enforcement and fulfillment of this financial obligation.

When dealing with child support disputes or any other family law issues, it is important that both parents understand their rights and options. This helps ensure that proper steps are taken, rights are protected and a timely resolution is reached.

Source:, "Keshia Knight Pulliam goes after estranged husband Ed Hartwell's NFL pension over missed child support," Paul Chavez, May 31, 2017

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