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Can a search warrant be challenged?

The media spends a lot of time discussing warrantless searches and the exceptions to the warrant requirement. Some people may overlook the possibility that even when police obtain a warrant that any evidence seized as a result of a search may not be fair game for trial. It is important to note that law enforcement and judges can make mistakes in the warrant process.

Boating While Impaired in Minnesota Can Lead to DWI Charges

Just the same way all states have drunk driving laws, every state has laws against boating while impaired (BWI). Minnesota is no different. The laws empower law enforcement agencies to stop motorized watercraft if there is reasonable suspicion the operator has been drinking. Contravening these laws may limit your legal freedom and attract financial penalties. You could face jail time, have a criminal record, pay hefty fines and pay higher insurance rates.

DWI arrests of women drivers are on the upswing

Government statistics show that men are arrested for driving while impaired far more often than women. However, recent statistics show that women are closing the gap on DWI arrests. Between 1998 and 2007, the Traffic Resource Center for Judges says that DWI arrests of female drivers rose nearly 29 percent. During the same time frame DWI arrests of male drivers decreased by 7.5 percent. Research also indicates that women are drinking more today than a generation ago.


Being accused of a crime will undoubtedly have an impact on your life. Unfortunately, many defendants continue to feel the effects of these accusations long after their cases have been resolved. The law office of Sheridan & Dulas, P.A. has an extensive history of successfully representing those accused of crimes throughout all stages of the trial process. Despite that success, many will still struggle to find employment or housing based on their journey through the criminal justice system. 

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