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Prenuptial Agreements Archives

How could a prenuptial agreement be invalid?

As previously discussed, some couples in Minnesota carry out specific steps to protect his or her financial wellbeing. Prior to even getting married, couples could execute a prenuptial agreement. While drafting such a document can be a difficult task, it is also overwhelming to have this legal document apply to dissolution proceedings. This is especially true if one spouse seeks to contest the validity of the document.

Why enter into a prenuptial agreement?

Planning and preparing for marriage involves making a lot of decisions about the big day. This typically includes decision about centerpieces, food, music, and guests to be invited. However, decisions related to marriage are not limited to the wedding day itself. In fact, many couples find themselves thinking about the future of their finances and how they could be affected should the marriage not work out. Divorce is not something couples like to consider, especially before they are married, but considering the important role a prenuptial agreement can play is crucial for any couple in Minnesota.

Helping couples understand the benefits of a prenup

Couples in Minnesota sometimes take the time to carefully consider what they might do if their relationship fails. This is especially true whet the couple decides to get married. While it is not required to include a prenuptial agreement in a marriage, a prenup offers many benefits to each spouse if they decide to get divorced.

The importance of including a prenuptial agreement in a marriage

Many steps must be completed before a couple can get married. While many of these decisions revolve around the ceremony, others tend to focus on protecting the spouses if the couple decides to divorce in the future. Although dissolution might seem like an impossibility when a marriage is just beginning, the reality is that roughly half of all marriages in America end in a divorce, making it paramount to take certain steps to protect rights in the event of a divorce.

Overview of Minnesota prenuptial agreements

A recent post on this blog the benefits prenuptial agreements can offer Dakota County couples and others living in the area of the Twin Cities. However, a discussion of the benefits of these types of agreements also affords a good opportunity to go over exactly how these agreements work.

How a prenuptial agreement can help couples in Minnesota

For couples on the verge of marriage, it may seem like a very uncomfortable discussion to talk about a prenuptial agreement, or "prenup," before the wedding occurs. However, some statistics show that in the United States approximately half of marriages ultimately end in divorce.

You no longer have to wait to get married in Minnesota - but maybe you still should

As of August 1, Minnesota couples no longer have to wait to get a marriage license, thanks to a new state law passed earlier this year. Under old law, marrying couples had to wait five days after applying to receive their license.

Do you need a prenuptial agreement?

It is a common misconception that prenuptial agreements are only beneficial for the rich and famous. Eagan residents may often hear about prenuptial agreements when their favorite celebrities go through divorces, but in reality many everyday people can benefit from having prenuptial agreements executed before they marry. The law firm of Sheridan & Dulas helps people learn about the benefits of prenuptial agreements and can guide them through the process of setting up such agreements to protect their personal wealth and assets.

Pennsylvanian prenuptial agreement questions

Getting married is a big decision. So is deciding to enter into a prenuptial agreement. Minnesota couples, who choose to agree to a prenuptial agreement (prenup), want to be sure they are doing it right. Fortunately, with knowledgeable legal advice, the process does not have to be complicated.

Can a Minnesota prenuptial agreement ever be unbreakable?

There is nothing romantic about a prenuptial agreement (prenup). Yet, for many engaged couples in Minnesota, preparing for the possibility of marital dissolution is simply being realistic. But, what is the risk a prenup will be ruled unenforceable by a court? Is it possible to prepare an unbreakable prenup?

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