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Child support and child custody are separate family law issues

Some parents in Minnesota are faced with financial problems when it comes to their custody arrangements with an ex-spouse. When visitation is awarded to one parent, child support is commonly put in place. However, divorced parents are often confused about this co-existence, sometimes failing to recognize the distinctions between these separate family law issues. Whether you are the parent awarded primary custody or the non-custodial parent awarded visitation, it is important to understand your parental rights in these roles and how child support interacts with these roles.

How can a child support order be modified or enforced?

When determining the most suitable child custody arrangements, divorcing parents must also consider the financial needs of their children. This is where child support comes into play. However, this is not always an issue that is resolved. In some cases, divorced parents will need to revisit this decision, seeking either modification or enforcement.

Actress taking steps to enforce child support payments

Going through a divorce with children is a difficult process. While parents have needs and divorce issues to tend to, decisions made during dissolution have the tendency to impact the child or children even if it does not directly involve them. Where they live, custody decisions and the financial needs of the child needs to be addressed, and if a parent fails to uphold obligations, this could negatively impact the child.

Factors to consider when seeking child support modification

Even though divorced parents in Minnesota and elsewhere attempt to work together to meet the needs of their children during dissolution and post-divorce, it can be difficult to sort through some issues together. Child support is often a contentious topic, making it difficult to come to a workable agreement at times.

What information does the Minnesota child support calculator use?

The complex nature of a divorce and the natural ups and downs of the process can make it challenging on parents to meet all the needs of their children. Even though divorcing parents are working on a post-divorce plan that will allow them to transition to a two-home family, finances are often a focal point in this process. In order to meet the financial need of the children, a parent might request child support.

A DNA paternity test can help a mother collect child support

A man who fathers a child in Minnesota will typically be legally obligated to provide financial support for that child until the child reaches the age of majority. When a man denies he is the father of a child, the mother can compel him to submit to blood or DNA testing to determine paternity under Minnesota law.

Appeals court affirms conviction for failure to pay child support

Child support is a serious obligation in Minnesota. A parent who fails to pay court-ordered child support can face harsh consequences, including wage garnishment; fines and jail time for contempt of court; driver's license suspension; suspension of hunting and fishing licenses; and suspension of occupational licenses. In certain circumstances, the state or federal government can file criminal charges. Depending on the circumstances, these charges can be misdemeanors or felonies.

How are child support payments made in Minnesota?

Minnesota courts can order a non-custodial parent to pay child support in a divorce action, a paternity action, a separate action for child support or in other situations where a parent is absent from the child's home. But, how are child support payments typically made? The answer will depend in part on whether the public child support authority is involved.

Incarcerated woman ordered to pay child support

Minnesota child support cases can be contentious and difficult. In some instances, there are unusual circumstances surrounding them. In others, they will be high-profile and the participants will not only have to deal with the details of the support agreement and monthly payments, but also the pressure that comes with public knowledge of the ongoing proceedings. Regardless of the situation surrounding the child support, those who are in the midst of a dispute must make certain that they are protected under the law.

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