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Divorce vs Legal Separation - What is the difference?

Recently, I have been presented with the same question on multiple occasions: "What is the difference between divorce and legal separation?" First, it is important to clarify the terminology. Dissolution of marriage is divorce, it is the process of terminating the marriage, including the rights, benefits, and privileges that the spouses share. Legal separation, at least in Minnesota, preserves ...

Answering your common questions about divorce

Divorce is a common occurrence, but it still remains a mystery to many Minnesota couples, particularly those who are going through a divorce for the first time. How does the process work? Which parent gets custody of the child? How is marital property divided? These are just a few of the questions that couples have going into a divorce.

New trend of divorce parties

There are many important occasions in life that are worth celebrating. Some of the most notable are birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. However, some people are now making their divorce a thing of celebration. Minnesota is not immune to this trend.

Considering how the high rate of divorce affects children

Acknowledging that a couple has marital issues or that their marriage is failing is not something easy to admit, and it is certainly not an easy event to go through. Minnesota couples understand that this often leads to divorce, which is also accompanied with divorce legal issues. When divorcing couples continually argue and find themselves in disputes over trivial matters, it is important that they establish proper ways to work through these issues to reach a fair and amicable divorce settlement.

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