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Minnesota man taken into custody and charged with DWI

Many individuals have faced accusations of driving under the influence of alcohol based upon the statements of others nearby. When authorities receive reports of an incident involving a possible intoxicated driver, an investigation into the matter will ensue. A 56-year-old man has recently been taken into custody and is facing DWI charges after allegedly driving his vehicle into the side of a hotel in Minnesota.

Authorities claim to have received reports of the incident just after 1 p.m. on a recent Thursday. According to a witness, a vehicle entered the lot of the hotel at a fast pace and struck the building after the driver was unable to slow down while attempting to park. Upon arriving at the scene and approaching the vehicle, police assert the man was still behind the wheel and was uncertain of what had occurred.

Taking steps to protect one's financial future throughout divorce

The end of a marriage can be a stressful and daunting process, and the outcome could have a substantial impact on a person's financial future. Individuals who are facing divorce in Minnesota may wish to protect this area of life, but the process can be complex. However, there could be certain measures one can take that could prove beneficial in preparing an individual for the financial side of divorce.

When facing divorce, an individual may find it invaluable to gain an understanding of current financial standings within the marriage. In some cases, one spouse may have been responsible for taking care of many or most of the financial aspects within the marriage, which could leave the other at a disadvantage. Regardless of one's level of knowledge in this area prior to divorce, obtaining documentation of marital finances could prove crucial to preparing him or her for subsequent negotiations.

Collision leads to drunk driving charges for 1 in Minnesota

Motor vehicle accidents can occur at any given moment, and in many cases, authorities will come out to perform an investigation. Should the collision occur under suspicious circumstances, responding officers may be more prone to suspect the presence of wrongdoing. An off-duty police officer has recently been arrested and accused of drunk driving after allegedly hitting several cars in Minnesota.

According to reports, the incident occurred on a recent Monday, when the man allegedly struck several vehicles while driving his pickup truck. Upon arriving at the scene, a state trooper claims the man was still sitting behind the wheel of the vehicle. The trooper also asserts that he was exhibiting signs of intoxication and states that, upon being questioned, the man admitted to consuming alcohol prior to operating the vehicle.

Speaking with kids about divorce while limiting their involvement

It can be difficult to prepare for certain changes in life, such as the end of a marriage. Divorce can be a stressful and daunting experience for everyone involved, but perhaps more so for kids. Parents in Minnesota who are facing a similar situation may wish to safeguard the future well-being of their kids by reaching a child custody agreement with their needs at the forefront, but a parent may find it beneficial to take steps to address any issues they are currently experiencing as well.

While parents may have an understanding of the situation, kids might have more difficulty accepting the news of divorce. A parent may be hesitant to speak to the kids about the situation, but they may suffer more if left completely in the dark. Speaking with children on a level they can understand could help them avoid feelings of guilt concerning their parent's unhappiness, and may even help them feel less hesitant about coming forward with any other issues they experience during this period.

The best way to obtain a child support modification

If you realize that you are unable to make your child support payments in full, you shouldn't wait a single day to learn more about your legal rights.

Although you understand the importance of paying in full and on time, to provide your child with financial support, there could come a point when you are unable to do so.

Use of prescription medications can lead to DUI charges

Being accused of driving under the influence can be a stressful and daunting experience. When considering what might lead to a similar situation, many individuals in Minnesota and elsewhere may immediately associate such offenses with the consumption of alcohol. However, one may also want to take care when driving while under the effects of prescription medications, as this may also lead to an arrest for DUI.

According to recent studies, many individuals may overlook the impact that a prescription drug could have on their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Certain medications, such as sedatives and narcotics, will inherently reduce one's driving capability. However, there are a multitude of others, such as blood pressure medication, that could also have a devastating impact on this area of life.

Uncovering hidden assets prior to divorce in Minnesota

Certain changes in life can have a substantial impact on the future of everyone involved. Individuals who are facing divorce in Minnesota may wish to take measures to prepare for the financial ramifications of the end of a marriage, but the process can be complex. With the potential gravity of the outcome of a divorce, one may find it beneficial to uncover any assets that may have previously been hidden, as failing to do so could prove devastating.

In equitable distribution states, such as Minnesota, the division of marital assets doesn't necessarily have to be equal, but it must be fair. However, any assets that are not identified may not be included in the process, which can have a substantial impact on the outcome of a divorce. There are a multitude of ways in which an individual may seek to hide assets during divorce, and knowing the potential signs of similar behavior could prove beneficial.

Woman taken into custody for DWI

A Minnesota woman was taken into custody by police after they made contact with her on Highway 52 near Oronoco . Police initiated a traffic stop at about 3:45 p.m. on Sept. 23 after an officer noticed that her vehicle has struck a guard rail. When an officer approached the driver, it was discovered that she was breastfeeding a baby. The woman also had four other children in the vehicle under the age of 10.

The woman was taken to Olmsted County Law Enforcement Center and given a Breathalyzer test. She reportedly blew a .17 and was charged with DWI. Her children were taken to the St. Mary's campus of the Mayo Clinic Hospital and subsequently placed by child protective services. Authorities say that the woman had another five children at home in addition to those in the car at the time of the crash.

Prenuptial agreements simplify divorce by planning ahead

Few people go from proposing marriage to suggesting a prenup, although this is perhaps due to the pervasive myths regarding this important legal document. Prenuptial agreements are not necessarily the predictor of divorce that many perceive, as couples across Minnesota continue to file for divorce even when they have no such agreement. Most of those divorces could likely be completed quicker and more easily with a prenup in place. 

Contrary to popular belief, prenuptial agreements are not only for the extremely wealthy. Prenups are an essential tool for anyone with personal assets that they would like to protect regardless of how their marriage goes. These agreements can also shield one person from shouldering another's debt, which can be especially important when trying to establish a healthy financial foundation after divorce.

What to know about field sobriety tests

If a Minnesota resident is stopped by the police and suspected of being impaired, he or she may be asked to perform field sobriety tests. The tests are generally designed to give an officer an idea as to a driver's attention span and physical abilities. An officer may record the results of the tests and use them as evidence in a drunk driving case.

There are several standardized field sobriety tests such as the one-leg stand and the walk and turn. The walk and turn requires an individual to walk nine steps, stand on one foot and then return to his or her original location. The one-leg stand requires an individual to stand with one leg off of the ground for roughly 30 seconds. If people hop or use their arms for balance, it may indicate impairment.

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