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At Sheridan, Dulas & Kins, P.A. we’re dedicated to client education and serving Minnesota with skilled legal services. The best way to protect your rights is to understand them. We have compiled a variety of videos, podcasts, and other media related to DUI/DWI and other areas of our practice to empower you to make the best decisions possible for your case.


Recent Videos From Sheridan, Dulas & Kins, P.A.

What Sets You Apart From Other Criminal Defense Attorneys

What sets Sheridan, Dulas, Hunstad & Kins, P.A. apart from the competition when it comes to criminal defense? Jeffrey Sheridan shares his philosophy on the practice of law.

What Is The Most Rewarding Aspect Of Your Practice

In this short video, DeAnne Dulas shares what she believes is the most rewarding aspect of her family law practice.

Dirty Secrets Of A DUI: Part 1

In this video, Jeffrey Sheridan discusses how criminal charges and license revocations are handled completely separately in Minnesota courts, and how to handle the process.

Dirty Secrets Of A DUI: Part 2

In certain circumstances, DUI can result in the seizure of your vehicle. Jeffrey Sheridan discusses the basics you need to know about this situation and how to recover your car.

Dirty Secrets Of A DUI: Part 3

This video from Jeffrey Sheridan examines the vehicle seizure process in detail, and outlines the legal steps required to prevent its loss and seizure by police.

Dirty Secrets Of A DUI: Part 4

This video discusses how drivers can sometimes be accused of DUI/DWI when taking certain prescription medications, and how drivers can defend themselves.


Law Firm Appearances On myTalk 107.1

  • "The Criminalization of Poverty" with Jeff Sheridan The Mom Show
  • "Legal & Ethical Questions Raised About The Case of George Floyd" with Jeff Sheridan The Mom Show
  • "Domestic Violence: Types of Orders that can Help" with DeAnne Dulas The Mom Show
  • "Divorce During Covid-19 (Part One)" with DeAnne Dulas The Mom Show
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