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As parents, it is our job to ensure that our children make it to adulthood with as many opportunities for success as possible. But when our children are arrested, charged, or convicted of criminal conduct, those opportunities narrow, and their chances of achieving the life we imagined for them quickly disappear.

At Sheridan, Dulas, Hunstad & Kins, P.A., our job is to help you preserve those future opportunities for your child. We want what you want – for your child to live a full life free of the constraints of a criminal record.

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Our Approach To Juvenile Representation

Over the years, our law firm has built a reputation for taking difficult criminal cases to trial. We don’t plead clients guilty at the first opportunity, and we are willing to go to court to give our clients the best fight possible.

Frequently the juvenile court system requires a softer, more nuanced touch than adult criminal court. The juvenile justice system in many counties is designed to give children the tools that they need to course-correct and find a path that is going to be constructive for their futures.

Many times in a juvenile proceeding what you need is an attorney who is willing to negotiate with the system to protect your child’s future and help put them on a healthy path despite whatever mistake brought them in to the system.

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The right Strategies

How You Can Protect Your Child’s Future

In juvenile cases, the Court is focused more on rehabilitation than punishment. This is good news, as there are many ways that we can prevent a finding of guilt for a juvenile crime. The Court has the ability to set forth certain requirements your child must meet in order to avoid a criminal record. 

While this may sound promising, make no mistake about it – there is still a long road ahead. The Court may want your child to participate in what is called a “pro-social activity” that demonstrates productive activities within the community. They may require regular check-ins with a probation officer. They may randomly test your child for drug use.

Fortunately, we can help minimize these requirements.

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Reviews For Sheridan, Dulas, Hunstad & Kins, P.A.

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I am a commercial truck driver. I was involved in an accident, in my personal vehicle, and cited for "following too close". Randall listen to my story and determined that another motorist had made a bad choice that had played a major role in the cause of the accident. He also found a statute that directly countered the violation I was being cited for. Because I have a commercial driver's license, the citation had to go to trial to have it removed from my record. Randall Kins handled the trial very professionally. He countered maneuvers by the prosecution and executed several measures that advanced and strengthen our case, and ultimately brought about the desired "Not Guilty" verdict I needed to maintain my driving record. In a system that is becoming increasingly difficult for professional drivers to get a fair "shake" in... I would definitely recommend Randall Kins of Sheridan and Dulas to argue in your behalf.


I hired Randall Kins to clear up an old charge that was on my record for over 30 years. He was very quick, professional, and kept me informed of the status of his investigation. I was very pleased with his service.


After my positive experience with Mr. Sheridan and your firm, l have no hesitancy in recommending your services to others. I feel so fortunate that a kindly ER nurse steered me in your direction. l will forever be in your debt for all you have done to bring about a better than hoped for resolution to my case. If that nurse hadn’t referred me to your firm, l hesitate to think about how badly this could have played out.


Randall was professional and got better results than I anticipated! He has his client's best interests at heart and works hard to achieve outstanding results.


One year ago today, l stepped over a line l thought l would never cross again. It would have been a much, much worse experience without the help, expertise, and guidance provided by Jeff Sheridan and the team at Sheridan & Dulas. Where there was hopelessness, Jeff provided hope. Where there was embarrassment and guilt, Jeff was nonjudgmental and without bias. Where there was fear of the unknown, Jeff provided a calming presence. Where there was a lack of know-how and knowledge on my part, Jeff provided the requisite skill and expertise to navigate the complexities of our legal and judicial system. Where there was great stress and feelings of foreboding, he helped to alleviate that strain. Jeff gave me back a normal life.


I am a retired college professor who ran into some legal issues late in life. I searched for and hoped to find a professional attorney, someone who is intelligent and knowledgable. The best thing I did was hire Randall Kins. He was not only intelligent and knowledgable, but he was well-versed in laws and courts and a nice, congenial attorney. I had two cases that Randall covered and both ended up very positively. I am in awe of someone who can maneuver their way through laws and the courts. Randall showed that he is well-trained and respectful. At every step, he was open and helpful and always kept me well-informed. My cases were somewhat unique and Randall waded through both of them. For neither case did I have to serve time in jail and it was because of Randall's skills and training and pure professionalism. I would encourage anyone to hire Randall. He is the real deal.


I met with Randall due to my 3rd Degree DWI charge. I was shaken, I was scared (because who wouldn't be). He made me feel at ease. He was very informative on how a DWI case goes, there are 2 cases to be fought out. When I told my peers about that, they were surprised because they didn't even know there were 2 sides to a DWI charge. He will fight tooth and nail to get every piece of evidence, study all that is given to him and make sure that you are satisfied with the outcome. I would just like to say that the outcome that I received on my case is the best that I could have ever hoped for. It went from a 3rd Degree DWI down to Careless Driving. I won my case with a lesser charge and I am truly happy about it. All this could not have been possible without the knowledge, trust, and hard work that Randall did for me.


Randall was extremely helpful regarding my DUI case. I had no idea how to precede or what to expect as this was my first offense. He gave great advice regarding my case and he never rushed anything and kept me updated along the way throughout the long process. He was able to negotiate to get my license back while we waited for the final ruling which was very helpful. I had a great outcome on my case and would recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.


Randall took what looked like an unwinnable situation and was able to reduce my DUI to reckless driving. I highly recommend retaining him. He talks to you straight and gives you the facts and what your options are.


I retained Mr. Sheridan based on reviews from this very site. Those reviews were not wrong. Through a long drawn-out process he never wavered. He guided me in every aspect of the ordeal. He stuck with me till the end. And in the end, the charges were dismissed due largely I believe cause he never stopped fighting for me. I would recommend Mr. Sheridan to anyone in a heartbeat.

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Where many other attorneys may take an aggressive approach that hardens the prosecution against your child, our attorneys will discuss the case with the prosecution and keep your child’s long term success at the forefront. We help the Court see them and all of their potential to achieve a resolution to your child’s case that is fair and provides the best possible chance of a clear criminal record.

If you have questions about your child’s case and would like to learn more about how our law firm can help, please contact us today. Call 651-686-8800 now to schedule an initial consultation.

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