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No matter what situation has brought you to our doors, we know this isn’t the life you wanted for your child. Now comes the difficult decision of choosing the right attorney who will represent your child’s best interests. 

If you choose to hire us, here’s what we can promise you: We will never ask you to take the easy way out or settle for less than your child deserves. We’re the attorneys who fight for complete acquittal of charges — not plea deals. Because we believe every child deserves a future that isn’t defined by the mistakes of their past.

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Meet the attorneys

Jeff Sheridan and Randall Kins

Yes, we have the experience and expertise you need in an attorney — but more importantly, we have a unique approach:

We don’t plead clients guilty at the first opportunity.

We always focus on your child's best interests.

We stop at nothing to give your child the best fight possible.

We’re parents ourselves. That’s how we know you’d do anything to protect your child — so would we.

That’s why you have to choose the attorney who will fight for your child the same way you would: with everything they've got.

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your advocate and guide

Why hire a juvenile defense lawyer?

Simply put, your juvenile defense lawyer is your child’s advocate. In a notoriously complex legal system, you need a guide who can help you make sense of it all and navigate this situation, so your child can have the future you wanted for them.

We’re here to listen to you, help you understand our state’s complex juvenile justice system, handle the police and prosecutors, and be the advocate your family needs right now.

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We're here to help

No matter the charges, we're on your side

Our firm handles all levels of criminal charges, from misdemeanors to felonies,  including:

  • Assault or violent offenses
  • Burglary
  • Drug possession and/or sales
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Internet offenses like fraud and identity theft
  • Juvenile criminal sexual conduct
  • Probation violation
  • Shoplifting/burglary
  • Sexual assault offenses
  • Unauthorized use of a vehicle
  • Underage DWI / DUI
  • Underage drinking/drug use
  • Vandalism

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Juvenile vs. adult criminal proceedings

What are the main differences between juvenile and adult criminal proceedings?

Different courts: Every state has special courts that are devoted only to juvenile cases. In Minnesota, special court procedures have been created for juveniles, separate from the adult criminal process. Most of these cases are not open to the public, except for felonies committed by juveniles over the age of 16.

Different charges: Juvenile offenders are accused of committing a "delinquent act", not a crime. If the charge is proven in court, the court will make a finding of "delinquency".

Different rights: Adults have a right to trial by jury, but juveniles don't.

It's important to note, however, that children who are ages 14 to 17 in Minnesota can be tried as adults if the prosecutor files a motion for adult certification. This can only happen if certain criteria are met. However, if the child is certified as an adult, then the case will be transferred to adult criminal court.

Another possibility is the extended jurisdiction juvenile designation. This means that your child is given an adult sentence and a juvenile disposition. If they violate the terms of the disposition, they will receive the adult sentence. It's the "one last chance" of the juvenile court system.


Reviews For Sheridan, Dulas & Kins, P.A.

See what our clients are saying.


The case was complicated and had many interactions that were required behind the scenes to achieve a positive outcome regarding some serious but defendable charges. Randall had to work on several levels with the case, including civil, criminal, and elements addressing mental competency. Randall manage all avenues with great agility and when it came to making a decision between accepting a plea settlement or going forward to trial, there was never any pressure other than whether the deal made sense or not and OUR best interests. There was never any pressure to settle because it would mean less work for him; he was willing to go where the case took him, and he was willing to fight if we wanted the fight, even though it meant no more money for him, just more work. He has our 100% confidence and we will always be grateful for the efforts he put in on our behalf, efforts which ‏extended over a much longer period of time and required far greater number of interactions than any of us expected when we hired Randall to take our case. Thank you Randall for a very successful outcome and the peace of mind you brought us along the way!


Professionalism, smart strategy, expert advice, and kindness make for the exact right combination when a person confronts difficult challenges. The law firm of SHERIDAN & DULAS, P.A., and Randall Kins are exceptional attorneys. They are both professional and personal; providing me with services that made a difficult situation better and provided an amazing outcome for its resolution. I found myself in a terrible situation that threatened all aspects of my life and without the expertise of Randall Kins and his law firm I would have been lost. I highly recommend them and their services. I cannot imagine what I would have done without their help. Thank you so much Randall Kins and SHERIDAN & DULAS, P.A.


I was charged with 4th degree DWI, in March last year before COVID. This was my first DWI, and me being on a temp visa (H1-B) in the USA, the gravity of the situation is worse compared to a citizen. I could've been deported and would've been denied my work visa and lost my livelihoodI found Randall to be a very charismatic and a confident lawyer, with strong persuasive skills, who knows the loop holes of criminal law and is very knowledgeable in handling DWI cases. His ability to think outside-the-box with my situation, presenting my case in a manner that forced a very old-school by-the-book prosecutor to think twice about how he went about this case and got my case resolved to a careless driving made me absolutely ecstatic with the results that Randall provided.

Don't settle for less than the best

What happens if I choose an unqualified attorney?

When your child is charged with a crime, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. That's why we recommend fighting these accusations with everything you've got. The best assurance for your child's future is a clean record.

You need an attorney who has the ability to devote time and resources to your child's case. An experienced attorney can always find ways to lower your child's charges or even have them outright dismissed. The dedication to leave no stone unturned — that’s what a great lawyer can do for you.

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