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Being convicted of a crime can alter your life forever — so when the dust settles, you'll want to look back on this moment and know you did everything you could to keep your record clean.

That's why we always fight to get your charges completely dismissed. If you want to get your life back on track, the first step is scheduling a free consultation with us.

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you deserve the best defense

Don't let one mistake define the rest of your life

Who you hire to defend you is a life-changing decision. All lawyers get the same license, but all lawyers are not the same.

Jeffrey Sheridan has practiced criminal law for over three decades. He's been named a "Minnesota ICON" as well as the "Attorney of the Year" three times for his fierce client advocacy, innovative approaches to criminal defense, and unwavering commitment to the rights of his clients.

Randall Kins has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys Under 40 in Minnesota. He has also been twice named among the "Ones to Watch" list by Best Lawyers and recognized as a SuperLawyers "Rising Star," a designation only awarded to 2.5% of attorneys in the state.

If you want the most experienced, dedicated defense team by your side, schedule a consultation with us.

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We defend our clients against a broad range of charges

DWI Defense

If you have been charged with a DWI, it may seem only thing to do is accept the accusation of a machine and plead guilty. It is far from your only choice. At Sheridan, Dulas & Kins, P.A., we don't seek plea deals for DWI charges. We will actually fight your DWI charges with the aim of a not guilty verdict.

Drug Crimes

A drug-related charge doesn't have to define your future.  Right now, you might be thinking that you don’t have options — but you’d be surprised. We’ve represented thousands of clients, all of whom started in the same position as you right now. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more.

Juvenile Defense

A juvenile record will adversely impact your child’s future opportunities, including educational opportunities that are so critical to their future. We understand that your child means everything to you, which is why we will build a vigorous defense on your child’s behalf.

Assault & Battery

Assault charges can vary depending on whether or not you caused injury to the victim, how severe the injuries were, and more. These cases can be complicated, which is why you need the best possible attorney at your side to fight for you.

Domestic Assault

An accusation of domestic assault or violence can have a serious impact on your personal and professional reputation and lead to severe criminal penalties. In addition, there are serious hidden collateral consequences, such as a lifetime ban on the possession of firearms. You should not ever try to face these charges alone.


A criminal record can have major impact on your ability to seek an education, get a job, and secure housing. With the help of one of our experienced lawyers, you may be eligible to seal your record through an expungement.

Eagan Defense

Courts in Eagan, MN

Eagan is the second-largest city in Dakota County. There are three Dakota County District Court locations in Dakota County:

  • the Judicial Center in Hastings,
  • the Western Service Center in Apple Valley, and 
  • the Northern Service Center in West St. Paul.

The county courts handle criminal, traffic, civil and conciliation, family, juvenile, probate and mental health, and treatment court (Adult Drug Court, DWI Court, Family Dependency Treatment Court, and Juvenile Drug Court) cases. 

To learn more about the court relevant to your case, schedule a consultation with us.

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How can an attorney help me?

With criminal charges, your lawyer’s job isn’t merely about proving your innocence. What most people don’t realize is that even if you have committed a crime, an experienced attorney can still find ways to lower your charges or even have them outright dismissed.

A defense attorney's job is to comb through every detail of your case to find inadmissible evidence and every possible opportunity for your charges to be lowered or dismissed.

This level of defense is what we call “leaving no stone unturned”. It’s a strategy that requires time, energy, and expertise — and it can get you life-altering results.

You must ask yourself, can you afford not to hire the best lawyer you can?

The stakes are high in a criminal case. Beyond just facing jail time or steep fines, the consequences of living with a criminal record are not to be ignored. It can make it more difficult for you to obtain employment, get custody of your children, or rent an apartment or home. And if you’ve been convicted of a felony-level crime, you will be stripped of the right to vote or bear arms.

A truly great attorney is one who takes the responsibility of defending your rights very seriously. We know what's at stake, and our only goal is to get your life back on track.


Reviews For Sheridan, Dulas & Kins, P.A.

See what our clients are saying.


I was charged with 4th degree DWI, in March last year before COVID. This was my first DWI, and me being on a temp visa (H1-B) in the USA, the gravity of the situation is worse compared to a citizen. I could've been deported and would've been denied my work visa and lost my livelihoodI found Randall to be a very charismatic and a confident lawyer, with strong persuasive skills, who knows the loop holes of criminal law and is very knowledgeable in handling DWI cases. His ability to think outside-the-box with my situation, presenting my case in a manner that forced a very old-school by-the-book prosecutor to think twice about how he went about this case and got my case resolved to a careless driving made me absolutely ecstatic with the results that Randall provided.


Randall was awesome, he listened to me, then he carefuly guided me to making very helpful decisions. All I can say is thank you, Randall, me and my family thank you.


Randall was extremely helpful regarding my DUI case. I had no idea how to precede or what to expect as this was my first offense. He explained everything in depth very clearly during our consultation and I chose to move forward with hiring him to represent me. He responded to my e-mails very timely and was always able to answer all of my questions. He gave great advice regarding my case and he never rushed anything; I never felt like a burden. I had great outcomes on my case, which I greatly contribute to Randall and all the time and work he put into my case!


I am a retired college professor who ran into some legal issues late in life. I searched for and hoped to find a professional attorney, someone who is intelligent and knowledgable. The best thing I did was hire Randall Kins. He was not only intelligent and knowledgable, but he was well-versed in laws and courts and a nice, congenial attorney. I had two cases that Randall covered and both ended up very positively. I am in awe of someone who can maneuver their way through laws and the courts. Randall showed that he is well-trained and respectful. At every step, he was open and helpful and always kept me well-informed. My cases were somewhat unique and Randall waded through both of them. For neither case did I have to serve time in jail and it was because of Randall's skills and training and pure professionalism. I would encourage anyone to hire Randall. He is the real deal.


The case was complicated and had many interactions that were required behind the scenes to achieve a positive outcome regarding some serious but defendable charges. Randall had to work on several levels with the case, including civil, criminal, and elements addressing mental competency. Randall manage all avenues with great agility and when it came to making a decision between accepting a plea settlement or going forward to trial, there was never any pressure other than whether the deal made sense or not and OUR best interests. There was never any pressure to settle because it would mean less work for him; he was willing to go where the case took him, and he was willing to fight if we wanted the fight, even though it meant no more money for him, just more work. He has our 100% confidence and we will always be grateful for the efforts he put in on our behalf, efforts which ‏extended over a much longer period of time and required far greater number of interactions than any of us expected when we hired Randall to take our case. Thank you Randall for a very successful outcome and the peace of mind you brought us along the way!


I was unfairly charged with a domestic assault misdemeanor and I was really terrified. Attorney Randall took on my case and he was very transparent throughout each step. Knowing what to expect and what my options (good and bad) were was very helpful to me. Randall really advocated for me and even went further to ask other third parties involved to help prove my innocence. I will forever be grateful to him. If you are looking for someone who genuinely cares about your story and is willing to go the extra mile then please consider Randall to represent you. He is a real Shark and he is very persistent in ensuring the best interests of his clients.


Randall and his team helped me with my case in a very professional way. I have never experienced anything like this before and Randall took the time to explain to me every single detail more than once. Is a very complicated system and he totally took the time to explain it to me. I would totally hire him and his law firm.


Mr. Kins was a fantastic attorney! I lived quite a distance from his office so most of the initial conversations were by phone which worked out wonderful for me since I requested it. Mr. Kins truly cared about me and my case and responded to all my phone calls no matter what time I called him. For someone who has never been in any kind of trouble, I was truly grateful for Mr. Kins. He explained everything to me and got me the best possible outcome I could have asked for. If anyone needs an attorney that will take a personal interest in your case and do the very best he can for you I highly suggest you hire Mr. Kins.


I retained Mr. Sheridan based on reviews from this very site. Those reviews were not wrong. Through a long drawn-out process he never wavered. He guided me in every aspect of the ordeal. He stuck with me till the end. And in the end, the charges were dismissed due largely I believe cause he never stopped fighting for me. I would recommend Mr. Sheridan to anyone in a heartbeat.


I was charged with Domestic Assault (Strangulation) A felony. Randall Kins was the lawyer that was appointed to me in jail that day. I decided to hire him after speaking to countless other lawyers who wanted to charge me a ton of money. Mr. Kin's fee was reasonable and worth every penny . Randall Kins worked tirelessly and fought for me every step of the way. He is a Magic Lawyer. He was always clear and never sugar coated anything. Mr Kins worked every angle and treated me as #1. He also was able to explain my situation to the prosecutor in a way that made them look at the circumstances and ultimately led to my charges being dropped! I would recommend Randall Kins if you are facing any criminal charges. He gets it done. Really Really Awesome Lawyer. If you are having any legal issues hire this man! He will fight for you!

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