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Are You Struggling to Keep up with Child Support Payments?

Are You Struggling to Keep up with Child Support Payments?

As in other jurisdictions throughout the country, Minnesota courts often mandate that a noncustodial parent must pay support on behalf of their children. Court orders for child support can be promulgated during divorces or in separate family law hearings. Child support is intended to provide a child with the monetary resources that they need to live.  The amount of child support that a noncustodial parent is expected to pay can vary based on a number of factors. As such, every child custody order may look different and the requirements of each parent can be distinct. However, in some situations noncustodial parents find that they are not able to keep up with the child support payments expected of them and, as a result, fall behind on their obligations.  Falling behind on a child support obligation can happen for a variety of reasons. A parent may lose their job and not have the ability to make payments. They may suffer a health crisis that costs them more money than they are able to provide. Regardless of why a parent is unable to keep up with their payments, however, they may be able to petition the family law court for a modification of the amount of money they are required to pay.  A child support modification can reduce or increase a parent's support obligation. Courts generally do not take it upon themselves to make modifications; parents must petition their family law courts to have modifications reviewed and enforced. A parent who cannot keep up on their payments may be well served by pursuing a modification as it could prevent them from suffering some of the legal consequences of missing mandatory child support payments.  The law firm of Sheridan & Dulas can help parents request child support modifications of their family law courts. Though no outcome can ever be guaranteed regarding such a matter, the attorneys and staff of the firm can provide their clients with information that is pertinent to their specific child support cases. To learn more about the firm's family law practice, please visit our website on child support.  

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