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Myth Of The Cheap DWI

Myth Of The Cheap DWI

There is no such thing as a cheap DWI defense. Even if you are saving money in the short term by paying a low fee to your attorney, the long-term consequences of a poorly handled defense can be even more costly. The consequences the judge hands down are only a small part of the penalties you face after a DWI arrest. Many of the cheap attorneys are out to make a quick buck and will do nothing to address (or even warn you of) the collateral consequences you will face when the DWI conviction hits your driver's license. You should assume that a competent attorney in the Twin Cities will charge about $300 per hour. Accordingly, if a lawyer is quoting you a flat fee, you should divide that number by 300, and that is approximately how many hours that attorney is pledging to work on your case. Bearing in mind that a typical preliminary court appearance can take as much as three to four hours (and there are at least two of these before trial), ask yourself if your lawyer has any intention of actually fighting on your behalf. At Sheridan & Dulas, P.A., we know the effect a DWI charge can have on your future. We are committed to providing you with the aggressive and vigorous advocacy your case requires, whether in criminal court or before the DMV for a fair price.

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The Collateral Consequences To A DWI Charge Can Be Costly

Prosecutors are often willing to make offers regarding low fines or no jail time. This is because the prosecutor understands that the full consequences of a DWI charge come not from the courtroom, but from the effect on your license and driving record. They also know that once a DWI lands on your driving record, it is there for good. Federal law prohibits any state from ever removing a reference to a DWI conviction from a person's record. A DWI on your driving record can triple your insurance rates. You may be passed over for a job in favor of a candidate without a driving record. Many people do not realize that a DWI can keep you from entering Canada. These are just a few of the many quirky collateral consequences you may face with a driving record. With so much at stake, it is vital that you take care when selecting your defense lawyer. Do not let cost be the main factor in your selection. Research attorneys with experience and a good reputation in your community for getting results. Meet with the attorney before making your decision to make sure you are comfortable working with him or her. Your choice today could have a serious impact on your future. And don't feel that you cannot switch attorneys if you made a bad choice. Many of the people we represent have come to us when they have figured out that the "cheap" attorney they chose could have been the most expensive choice they ever made. Regardless of what you have signed with another attorney, the constitution guarantees you the right to be represented by a person of your own choosing. If that first lawyer is no longer that, you do not need to stay.

Don't Fall Prey To The Myth, Hire An Experienced DWI Defense Lawyer

Attorney Jeff Sheridan is renowned for providing quality DWI defense services to clients in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. He has nearly 35 years of experience defending clients from DWI charges. He has been selected multiple times for inclusion in Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America. He has also been named Attorney of the Year by Minnesota Lawyer for his work defending DWI cases three times. In 2021, Jeff was added to Minnesota Lawyer's list of Minnesota Icons in the field of criminal defense. Contact Sheridan & Dulas online or call now at 651-686-8800. From our offices in Eagan, we handle DUI or DWI charges in Dakota County, the Greater Twin Cities, and statewide Minnesota.

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